What is 5 core solder?

All i seem to find is a #5. Thanks

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iceng5 years ago
A made in the UK tin/lead solder with 5 individual paste cores (tubes) 
inside the .031" diameter solder wire.
This is no longer available in the USA thanks to eX president Clinton #%#
I don't know if each core was a different flux, it would make sense but it
soldered very well and had a pleasant almost intoxicating aroma.

Re-design5 years ago
Apparently it's available from this supplier.
iceng Re-design5 years ago
You really had me surprised and with great anticipation BUT
then I read tin / copper :-þ

Wait... thanks Re-design, I searched and found 5 core Tin/Lead.
Now, if the aroma is the same...I will be in steampunk heaven. 
onrust (author)  iceng5 years ago
Awesome shot! Do you have a flickr page on all these?
iceng onrust5 years ago
looking into it.....
onrust (author)  iceng5 years ago
Please. Up to 200 are free but I finally went pro and do enjoy it. member: mronrust
Re-design iceng5 years ago
ACRO has tin/lead also, I just clicked the wrong page. what was in the old stuff that you were using that smelled so nice?
iceng Re-design5 years ago
Don't have it any more but it was UK :)
onrust (author) 5 years ago
OMG! Soldering as an intoxicating aroma? Maybe Billary was in fear of a steampunk revolution?
iceng onrust5 years ago
Another really dangerous chemical that made it onto my naked tongue 
is trichloroethane ( not the 111 stuff either ) but the best darn degreaser
I ever came across.  
Men who worked in proximity to tric have died of dissolved liver.

In a sand to SCR facility my job was to test metalization on manny Si
samples by soldering the Si between a solid the size of two pennies and
a #20 bare wire for a pull test.
When cool it got slipped into a tric beaker to clean away flux.
Some where in the process I got careless and put a hot one into the beaker,
which caused a flash boil to spray a drop of the trichloroethane onto my
surprised open mouth tongue.

it took weeks of fighting my desire to taste that Wonderful Poison again.

Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger :-)

onrust (author)  iceng5 years ago
Oh boy....... this reminds me of another question I've been wondering.....
iceng onrust5 years ago
Feel free :)
onrust (author)  iceng5 years ago
Just did and nervous!
iceng onrust5 years ago