What is Lotus fruit?

Which one is lotus? The first image, or second?
Which one, Sara used on its "Lotus Chips" Instructable?
If the first one, why you call the second one 'lotus' also?

Picture of What is Lotus fruit?
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kelseymh5 years ago
The second image shows persimmons, not lotus root (note root, which grows under the ground, not "fruit"). Lotus is a flower, as you can see here.
farzadbayan (author)  kelseymh5 years ago
My base question is 'What I should call Lotus in Persian'! I asked this question, because when I searched 'Lotus' on my dictionary, it gave me 'Konar' synonymous (in Farsi language). Also when I google this word, I found both (above) pictures.

Is my understand correct? : Lotus is a flower, we call its root, 'root lotus' and its fruit 'Konar' (the below picture)

We call this fruit 'Konar' in my country. As you know this is not persimmon or root lotus.
Interesting! In English, I would guess that those are type of apple.

There are other languages where the translation of "apple" refers to something different than I would expect -- in French, "pomme" is apple, while "pomme de terre" are potatoes.
Sometimes called Sharon fruit.

The first image is the root of a plant that is normally called "lotus".

The second image is that of a persimmon (in arabic is "kaka"), but in Greek it is called "lotus" and this is what the ancient Greeks refer to when they talk about the fruit.

Cuckoovauna4 years ago
Not sure what the first one is but the second is definitely a lotus fruit, the yummiest of all only when perfectly ripe.
The name comes from the Greek translation λωτός, and is same family with the prunes..
In the UK as probably in other countries they call it persimmon.
Some history : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lotus-eaters
canucksgirl5 years ago
The first image appears to be Lotus root. When sliced it has a number of holes in it and sort of looks like a loofah sponge. As kelseymh stated, it is not a fruit. The second image is definitely not Lotus root or of the Lotus family. Its persimmon fruit from a tree.