What is a biasing resistor?

Can someone tell me what a biasing resistor is, and where I can het some? Thank you in advance.

A little context would help the those of us trying to answer this question.

A resistor
is a very common electrical component.  They come in all shapes and sizes, and can be used for many different tasks, including biasing.

But until we know a little more about the circuit, or signal, to which you are trying to add bias, the question is still wide open.
tesla man (author)  Jack A Lopez5 years ago
I found out that with a few other parts, you can make an oscilator, needed for powering a transformer with dc current.
lemonie5 years ago
Biasing is the use or function not the component.

Re-design5 years ago
They are normal resistors. Their value is based on what part they are biasing and the parts of the circuit that are interacting with the parts.

Transistors and tubes depend on having values (voltages)  that are in certain relation to other values.  Those voltages are managed by resistors.

Maybe this is a better explanation.