What is a good kite boarding kite size?

I would like to know how big of a kite I would need for kite boarding the winds are about 15-20 MPH and for a 120 lb person.

caitlinsdad8 years ago

Have you looked at what is available in the catalogues and what they recommend? Check out the commerically made stuff and make your own. Good luck.
squirt8500 (author)  caitlinsdad8 years ago
Yes I have looked at catalogs but they always are for much heavier people than me, they are also in meters squared but since I want to make my own kite using one of Saul's Instructables use meters squared unless I build it hoping that it has the right surface area. If it helps I am just beginning to try out kite boarding. If you or anyone else happened to have some sort of formula for figuring out surface area that would be great. Thanks!
I am not a kiteboarder so it might be best to look at a couple of kiteboarding instructables and comment or PM the author of the instructable if you have questions. I'm sure you'll find your answer.