What is a good starter paintball gun?

I have looked absolutely every where, and I really don't want someone telling me a Tippmann 98 Custom. I know, I'm going to get that as a starter gun, but I want to know what else is out there. If you say tippmann 98 custom, I will just delete the comment.

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saidthety9 years ago
If you are REALLY that against the Tippmann 98 (which is by far the best starter paintball gun for your money), the Spyder MR1 is a good bet. It's fairly durable, reliable, easy to take apart and clean, and it looks awesome _
PKTraceur (author)  saidthety9 years ago
No, Im going to get a 98C, but I want to know what ELSE there is. I want to know my choices.
Like I said, the Spyder MR1 is a pretty cool gun. Last time I checked (which was a while ago) you can pick it up for pretty cheap at Walmart.
PKTraceur (author)  saidthety9 years ago
Have you heard of the Kingmann Spyder guns? I saw one for less than 60, didnt seem that bad. Saw it at Sports Authority, and wondered what you though. It was OD green, but I cant remember the name...
Spyder guns in general are considered as pretty good guns, and at $60, even if it breaks it won't be a huge loss. You might want to look up some reviews for that gun on a place like Amazon or something first, though.
10477 years ago
i agree with mg0930mg the A-5 is a good starting gun. It is accurate, reliable, and shoots fast. I would recomend that.
punkhead588 years ago
Depending on your personal preference, either the Tippmann 98 custom or the Kingman Spyder MR1. My friend prefer Tippmanns, but personally I prefer the MR series because they are sturdier and easier to take apart and clean.
The BT-4 is a good alternative to the 98C, with a lot more customization options. I would say it is just, if not more, reliable than 98C's, and easier to disassemble (Curse you, Sight Spring!). look up information about it online, it's often said to be a better overall version of the 98C without being expensive.
TheOne5G8 years ago
smart parts ion tippman a-5 spyder victor 2 or 3 invert odessy
mg0930mg9 years ago
Tha Tippman A-5.