What is a good substitute for WHIPPING cream?

What's a good substitute for whipping cream? Not whipped cream, WHIPPING CREAM!

there are many ingredients that can be combined as a sub for whipping cream in food preparation,what you need whipping cream for in the recipe will determine which combination you will use, for instance one will use cornstarch if cream is needed as a thickener,and another recommends chilled condensed milk combined with regular milk.

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lizzyastro5 years ago
If you actually need to whip it you could substitute a mixture of heavy cream and pouring cream. In the UK whipping cream comes in between double cream and single cream.
Vyger5 years ago
I suppose if you don't want to whip it you could just beat on it. But beating is usually a little more severe than just a whipping. Sending it to its room probably won't work.
canucksgirl5 years ago
You can use a heavy cream (like a coffee cream), something with a high butter fat, as long as you are NOT intending to whip it (to make whipping cream).