What is a good website for buying survival type knives?

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LoneWolf6 years ago
I would reccomend the SOG Tech Bowie as a Belt Knife.
LCsDad7 years ago
Smoky Mtn. Knife Works (smkw.com) has specials from time to time (picked up an RTAK II for $69 a while back), but I usually start my search on Amazon.
Capt. Kidd7 years ago
DV Customs7 years ago
What kind are you looking for?
Here's a couple subhilts.
travisttt7 years ago
Try budk.com. I can't stop buying their stuff. They have good prices on quality names, and cheap prices on stuff that's not as well known but still good. They have lots of helpful reviews as well.
Im personally a big fan of cheaperthandirt.com. the thing i like most about them is that they arent shy about putting up reviews of customer experience from thier products, so you get an idea what you are buying.
www.leatherman.com Or visit you local camping store for Leatherman products. Yes they are pricey BUT they are outstanding quality (I know I have one) They don't just make multitools they make knives too
knifeguru (author)  super moderator8 years ago
thanks, i was thinking of getting a leatherman wave, or another ka-bar becker campanion
I myself have a Leatherman surge and I am very happy with it
knifeguru (author)  super moderator8 years ago
i have a leatherman core and i love it.
DV Customs8 years ago
Pending on how much you would like to spend, and if you want custom made. Smoky mountain has a wide assortment of knives of all types. But nobody can beat Ebay, there is over 50,000 on there any given time of day.
knifeguru (author)  DV Customs8 years ago
http://www.dealextreme.com/ has a nice selection of knives (and lots of other stuff). They offer free shipping, although it usually takes them a while to get it to you. Their prices are reasonable and there are a few well-liked brands and a lot of pretty-good knock-offs. Check the comments and reviews on each product before you buy.

That said, they won't tell you what you can and can't import into your country... that is your responsibility.
knifeguru (author)  DELETED_GuardianFox8 years ago