What is a good wood carving project for beginners????

I need a good wood carving project to do .I have chisel's

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tech dawg6 years ago
try out my tutorial for carving a wooden knife or machete its pretty basic
pandadude6 years ago
A project that I would recommend is a mancala board. It helps you to understand how the grain works, and also is pretty easy. It also shouldn't take more than 5 hours, so you have time to admire and use your work of art. I would recommend using basswood, because it is quite forgiving, and I would recommend using a #7, or #8 (sweep or curve of the chisel) to do the carving. Hope this helps!
Here is an idea or suggestion that I tried myself. My very first project was a wooden chain. It fascinated me, and I did it!, but not perfectly.
But here is what I would suggest if a chain does not interest you.
Try a boot. I got the idea from a woodcarving book. And it turned out good enough that I display it at home.
And the nice thing about this is the good ole internet is FULL of ideas and projects!!!
The best introductory woodcarving project is a spoon. It is a project you can make in one afternoon and in the process you will have carved a thin handle and both a concave and convex surface.
ewilhelm8 years ago
Here's the results of combine the "wood" and "easy" keywords: