What is a money hack for roblox?

plz tell me a hack for roblox

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can i have 11111112345678900 robux and 12345667890000000 tix on roblox my account name is astonishingsuperdrew my pass word is kelly12
Hey Drew i know how to get 1000R$ and only 1000 Tix only once at a time.
It involves a series of complicated hexes and lock codes. but i know how to crack it and obtain those curency for you. Just Message me at roblox im named 'failure566'
yea i dont know wat the money cheat is :/ i play roblox
Ethan B7 years ago
Here's how: Don't.
nepheron8 years ago
Go to school and learn some relevant programming languages and network technology.  Get good marks and make your way to whatever town the company that makes Roblox is based in.  Apply for work as a programmer with that company and alter the data manually once you have access to the database.  Or you know, you could find something better to do with a good education that doesn't involve getting yourself fired and losing your account with a children's online game.