What is a quick way to level, up in call of duty 5 online for PS3?

I'm lvl 34 and i just want a good way to gain xp in short amounts of time.

PKTraceur8 years ago
See, the PS3 is a hard console. I have one, and the best way I level up is either hardcore TD, or sabotage. Send me a friend invite to RomanArtifact -PKT
flashanimator (author)  PKTraceur8 years ago
Ok, my Playstation network account in flashanimator
ok get a freind and ill him 3 times and let him kill u 3 times take turns like u kill him 3 times and he kills u 3 times thats how i level up i fiished my rank i did it 4 times its was easy do that its the most easyest way to level up good luck
Chicken22098 years ago
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Did you mean: What is a quick way to level up in call of duty 5 online for PS3?

Just kiddin m8 :) but I wouldn't know the answer