What is a "Loser rifle"?

Recently, Ive seen people say their guns shoot "loser rounds", and some people have called their guns "loser rifles". Exactly what is a loser rifle, and what makes people say its a loser rifle? I personally havent seen any discussion on the subject, so yeah...

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yerjoking8 years ago
Lol, ignore the little kids.

Mepain chose to do this for fun, Sniper = Loser because alot of people were talking about how amazing their "sniper"'s were.

Also NerfHaven has a few filters, one of which is also Sniper = Loser.

Knexsuperbulderfreak, the reason Mepain banned you is 'cause you cannot spell.
DJ Radio (author)  yerjoking8 years ago
wait, I have noticed that "Blazer sniper rifle" on KI is unaffected by the filter. It doesnt say "blazer loser rifle".
zak has a loser rifle on KI......
DJ Radio (author)  knex_mepalm8 years ago
you didnt have to tell me that, I already knew it.
Oodalumps fixed it.
DJ Radio (author)  Der Bradly8 years ago
Iunno then.
DJ Radio (author)  yerjoking8 years ago
Interestingly, Carlisie's comment (on the blazer) was affected.
coreyt8 years ago
I think it is because mepain suddenly thinks snipers are losers because on ki wherever anyone has said sniper it says loser he did something similar a while ago i can't remember what it was though
Corey, it was LEVUHZ, I think, though I'm not sure what the original word is.
travw yerjoking8 years ago
Late reply, but it's explained in the 2nd podcast, 'levers' was the original word. They were making fun of a dude who said levuhz, instead of levers in a video.
yerjoking travw8 years ago
travw yerjoking8 years ago
LEVERS, the original word was LEVERS.
yerjoking travw8 years ago
You think I don't know this?
travw yerjoking8 years ago
Well... yes! You said "what?". Doesn't that imply that you don't know?
yerjoking travw8 years ago
I asked what because I wanted to know why you were telling me that. Corey meant in the forums a word was being translated into LEVUHZ, as Sniper was translated to Loser. I said I wasn't sure of the word that was translated into Levuhz.
TigerNod8 years ago
I am not sure, but looking at mepains loser rifle I think he means: -a bolt action knex gun designated as a sniper, -or a knex gun that comes in multiple versions. (one with minimal pieces, and one with a huge frame).
bruce9118 years ago
Could please post a link to an example?
DJ Radio (author)  bruce9118 years ago
Do you see the "Related" section? "Mepain's loser rifle" is right there.