What is a valve that can be opened and closed quickly and easily?

I want to make my own water gun (a la supersoaker), the only pitfall I have is I can't find an appropriate valve. A sprinkler valve requires electricity, a modded one will only close when all pressure is released, a ball valve would move to slowly, or be to stiff for a simple trigger mechanism... and I did have another example, but can't remember it.

Essentially I want a valve with a semi-automatic action that can release large volumes of propellant.

Thanks in advance.

pilot assisted diaphragm valve
Ben.land1017 years ago
well i think your best bet for simplicity would be a ball valve (and if it's a small(ish) one then you can open it pretty fast. but you could try something similar to the valve on this gun https://www.instructables.com/id/Golf-Ball-Gun!!!-How-To-Make-One-That-Can-Shoot-40/ (not my ible by the way)
kelseymh7 years ago
Look for "solenoid valve" or "butterfy valve". Both are fast acting, and require electricity.