What is an Alternating current?

it is always easy to understand the working of Direct current, but I need to know about Alternating current right from the basics till advance. I would be grateful if you could help me understand about Alternating current better.

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rickharris7 months ago

The AC part of my electronics engineering course was about 9 months long so you have a big ask to want to know about AC from start to finish. I am not sure I actually grasped some parts very well.


Google will be your best bet here - This is far to big a subject to cover in a simple answer.


just to get you started.


MOST of my circuit theory classes were AC, transient, steady state, classical methods, Laplace transforms - three years of it.

Didn't go that deep. Just enough to be able understand how little we knew and maintain generators etc.

90% of the course was electronics, Radio and Radar Theory - Yawn.

DeeptiR3 (author) 7 months ago

Thanks, everyone. These links were useful to grasp a good amount of Idea about AC current. :)

AC and DC are not that much different.

DC travels in one direction only.

AC changes its direction of travel.

Try this Wicapedia


About a month ago here, someone asked a question about three phase AC,


and there was this pretty sweet Youtube video that got linked to in that discussion. It had this, elaborate demo apparatus, built from syringes and vinyl tubing, and it was totally worth seeing. In fact, I'll re-link it here:

As before, this is the water analogy taken to the extreme ie three phase...

Now someone will probably figure out how to water demo a lag or lead phase angle...

Just wait for it when they solve the black hole conundrum :)

kelseymh iceng7 months ago

You may find these of interest:



iceng kelseymh7 months ago

Yes, thank you, I found it very interesting path grouping... Especially the Pohonon quasiparticle that is is tied in with Hawking radiation and ultimate BH evaporation.

As result, I can theorize an analogy situation where pressure pre-leads flow of an compressible fluid..

That is a little different.

Vyger7 months ago

Get a good text book and study it.

iceng7 months ago

Search answers for an identical question this year, learn why Tesla and Edison hated each other