What is better, Google chrome or mozilla firefox?

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jj.inc6 years ago
OO, I got more today, so I was here on instructables and I wanted to open a new tab to listen to a song on YouTube, boo-ya Chrome has it right there in most visited, FF leaves me a nice BLANK page, bah-humbug.
Chrome is not catching on with the apps, although I don't really care or use any add-ons except the web-developer toolbar.
JavaNut137 years ago
I would go for firefox. It is so expandable, and not that much slower than chrome.
Also, its the default in Ubuntu, so it must be good :)
I tried Ubuntu, I don't get why everyone likes it, its slow, non-user friendly, and it has Firefox. Yea whipty do, free stuff, thats about it right? I try to say this kindly
Slow? Really? I use it on a netbook. Theres no way anything else would work as fast as it does with the same number of features.

And I have moved to Chome as it is better on a smaller screen.
jj.inc6 years ago
O, yea, I did my tests right out of the box, I also have win 7. Chrome is not my recommendation on XP or lower, but neither is Firefox because Chrome is big and blotty, Firefox takes a few days so just upgrade the OS. Mac's I would say Chrome because mine quit opening Firefox altogether. NEVER USE Ffox on Vista, vista is crappy and Firefox just makes it worse by sucking all the small bit of power available.
JJAJoshua7 years ago
 Google Chrome is a LOT faster, but Firefox has better safety features and is better all around. I like speed, so I still use chrome.

I just did a test with my college's site log on. Chrome won't let me do it without HTTP secure, Firefox made me change it.
jj.inc6 years ago
Well, I am comparing them now. Chrome blocks half the amount of your page Firefox does. Chrome has one bar for search and sites, Firefox has two. Google chrome is really fast, I actually had to wait for Google to load on Firefox. Chrome for downloading is better, you can monitor it and it doesn't open a second window.
Chrome is viewable all the way to the bottom, Firefox has a bar in the way. Firefox is hard and square, Chrome is calming and rounded. Chrome gives you instant cached access to a down server, you have to Google it in Firefox. Chrome doesn't allow you to search just about any site in a search bar. Firefox is businesslike and professional. Chrome builders have a sense of humor, hence the kill page: He's Dead, Jim! bla... webpage... killed... ha ha its funny. Chrome allows info input from any browser, Firefox only allows Opera and IE imports. Both block popups well, Chrome doesn't blurt it out and make a pain of it which I like. Chrome shuts down when you want it to, Firefox won't shut the hell up, its over helpful. Firefox saps power, watching youtube on Firefox drives my computer crazy. Chrome has all but 1 for me, I chose Chrome but its up to you, if you are bland and patient with good eyesight you can use Firefox. If you like to get things done, see everything with ease and love to have fun you are a Chrome person.
 i usually use safari, wich is the best for macs but i often use firefox due to his plugins and expansions
mweston7 years ago
Lets put it this way, no one is better than the other, but they both have their individual advantages. I have both, but I am partial to Chrome at the moment.

First of all, Chrome's New Tab page is wonderful, it stores your eight most visited pages, which is more helpful that you would imagine. Both have a bookmark bar that you can store your links in too, however. Another major advantage is Chrome's speed and security over Firefox, Safari, and IE8. On the other hand, Firefox is much less buggy, I always seem to have problems with flash videos when I open them in a new tab with Chrome, and often times pages come up formatted incorrectly. 

So the thing is, if you are going to use Chrome, you should also have Firefox. There both great, but Firefox has been in the works a lot longer, Google still has some catching up to do.

Chrome is faster and more secure ( the only browser that never got hacked at the last DefCon hacker conference,Safari bit the dust in less than a minute)FireFox 3.6 is slower and less secure but is the most customizable browser on the planet.
orksecurity7 years ago
Whichever one works better for you. Which is better, a cat or a dog? They're both good pets; beyond that each has advantages and disadvantages. I stick with Firefox; your milage will vary.
rickharris7 years ago
Define "better"
kcls7 years ago
Chrome is faster, but firefox is better performance-wise. Plus It has cool add-ons. I prefer firefox.
Re-design7 years ago
Firefox.  I've tried chrome and it just didn't ring the bell for me.  But if you were trying them both as new products to you, you might feel differently.  I like the fact that firefox has been around as long as it has.