What is done to this iron?

There is a "rust movement" that seems to be in fashion these days.  I understand that iron will rust but it seems to be made to happen a bit faster than normal in the dry Arizona desert.

One picture is of a fence that has been finished for some time.  The other is of a mail box that was just finished.

Picture of What is done to this iron?
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Re-design7 years ago
Read this instrucable.  They seem to know what to do.
orksecurity7 years ago
Using the right kind of steel helps. Corten is one of them, which patinates prettily.
orksecurity7 years ago
I believe copper is sometimes patinated (or at least has its patina accelerated) by washing it with an acid solution. I don't know anything about which acid or how dilute.

(When I was a student, we were seriously considering a prank that involved painting part of a new copper roof with a transparent "resist", so a message would gradually become visible as the rest of the roof weathered around it. Our guess was that nobody would notice for 5-10 years.)
lemonie7 years ago
"Painting" it with brine might help?

Or, as Picasso reportedly used to tell his son (in order to accelerate the formation of a patina on one of his sculptures): "Go piss on the goat."
Yes, it's electrolytes after all isn't it?

I've been told that dunking in vinegar for a few minutes, allowing it to air-dry, then rinsing with 1:3 bleach/water produces a good patina. That's just hearsay, though. I haven;t tried it.