What is feature comment?

On my OB it says for the comments "feature comment"

What does that do when you feature it?

Thanks, mm8

frollard7 years ago
Makes it show up at the top and reminds yourself and others its important or good.


Mike737 years ago
I had some instructables featured by instructables editors. You receive an e-mail telling you that they think your instructable is awesome and sometimes you get a free 3-month pro-membership for being featured.
Like frollard says, your instructable also gets into the spotlight by being directly shown (moved up to the top for a while) on the start page (or the start page of the corresponding section).
I think it's a great way of showing appreciation for what you've done :-)
frollard Mike737 years ago
Featuring ibles and comments are similar in nature, but of course as you mention, the staff feature ibles (and general comments) -- where you can feature your own stuff on your OB.