What is infrared heater? Can we build it?

kungpao (author) 8 years ago
Thank you all.
jtobako8 years ago
It's a non-flame source of heat. Some use the equivalent of a very powerful light bulb, some use propane and a catalyst to heat a surface to red-hot.
Exactly - those heaters on patios with a metal umbrella on top are infrared - propane (etc) heats the metal which shoots off tonnes of infrared. A heating element inside of a ceramic plate puts off infrared for lizard tanks theres plenty of options.
An infrared heater is just one that works by radiating the heat directly to your skin or your food, as opposed to other methods, like heating up air and allowing it to blow or rise toward the thing to be warmed.

You can make one with toaster heating coils or an ordinary incandescent light bulb. Or you could just spend a couple dollars on an infrared bulb.