What is that wire they use in pop up tents and where can I get it?

 I was wondering, I'm making a halloween costume, And I want to know  where you can get that wire they use in pop up tents and foldable frisbees

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Cynths06 years ago
I believe it is called fish tape wire (used to push electrical wiring,etc. thru walls). I know this is an old article but thought the info might still be useful. Available at hardware or electrical supply shops.
guitarmonk15 (author)  Cynths06 years ago
Thanks for the answer, while it wasn't a predominant thought in my mind all this time, I have always been looking for something like that. Oodles of thanks to you!
jeff-o8 years ago
It's probably spring steel.  You can get replacement tent poles(usually fiberglass); would that work?

A good source for this material is craft materials online in the UK. They sell both Spring steel rods and flat ribbon.


LauraL11 year ago
By coincidence, I have been researching myself. So far it seems like most of these materials are manufactured In china. Still looking but, that's as far as I've gotten. I will post if I find anything. Good Luck.
ToniRose8 years ago
Just curious, what did you wind up doing? Got a pic?
guitarmonk15 (author)  ToniRose8 years ago
 I used cardboard to make a giant Ipod. I might put a pic. up, but probably not. I'm to lazy
Z..8 years ago
If you want to create a kind of scaffolding to put some sort of a cover over, use some star posts (any strong steel posts), and embed them securely. Then use agricultural pipe, cutting to size to fit over each post,-creating an arch.
Put the posts in positions to create a scaffold for your cover-( you can run wire between the arches to keep them secure, if you have made a large structure.

(I made a greenhouse like this;-it works well!)
hishealer8 years ago
I know in jewelry making, I use Memory Wire, which keeps a round shape for bracelets despite some pretty heavy charms.  Maybe it would work in a smaller project like this?  Or even buy the dollar laundry hampers and scavenge.  I have thrown away several when the mesh ripped, maybe someone has some laying around you can cut up.