What is the best 2 CPUs motherboard for Intel i7 Quad processor with over 8GB of RAM? What is the best OS?

I would like the motherboard to be less then $1,000.

lemonie8 years ago
What do you want to do with this? The OS and stuff will depend upon the end use.
How about gigabyte for a board?
building a high-end workstation
But if you're prepared to spend upto $1000 on a board, why not buy a whole package?

frollard8 years ago
Sadly you will need one of the higher versions of vista, or windows server edition. The latter has very poor graphics/driver support for random gaming stuff Xp wont even make a dent in that kind of system. Vista ultimate can only support I think 2 physical cpus with multiple cores each.
fwjs28 frollard8 years ago