What is the best TV antenna for me?

I live in a bottom, surrounded by hills and trees, in a fringe reception area. My digital TV reception stinks to put it mildly. What is the best kind of antenna to get, where can I get it, how high should I mount it, what is the best way to mount it etc. ? I live in a small wood house with a chimney, and a tin roof. By the way, I am not cheap, just broke and don't make a lot of money, so the cheaper the better. Thanks?

"Best" is a pretty complicated question. One thing you can try is to use Google Maps or Google Earth to find your exact latitude and longitude. Then head over to Antenna Web and put in the coordinates and a height that you would like to try.

Their program will tell you how strong a signal you can get, the direction of the stations, and make recommendations on whether your antenna needs to be big or small, wide or focused, etc.

Once you have a few scenarios you'd like to try, get the advice of some folks who think antenna design is a fun thing to do with your spare time.

kikdvd (author)  NobodyInParticular8 years ago
Well I actually already did that, and it said the stations are all around me in a circle, and not from any one particular direction, and it also showed that I am in the farthest fringe area away from them, and that I needed a long range antenna. I am assuming with a rotor? Don't you have to point your antenna right at the signal you want to pick up to get the best reception? Is there any kind of long range outdoor omnidirectional antenna? Height is really a sticky problem, as I live in this bottom with wooded hills all around, and I cannot get an antenna that high if you know what I am saying.
If the stations are all around you but far, Antenna Web should have advised you to get a powerful omnidirectional antenna. But there is a tradeoff between sensitivity and having a broad reception angle. So although I have never seen a rotating television antenna before, that does sound like something to look into. I can't advise on the best place to buy an antenna. I would try one of these antenna-making Instructables to the right- and if that didn't work, Ebay. Perhaps you can contact someone who builds towers for ham radios? Living where you do, I don't imagine the neighbors would complain.
we bought an antenna rotater and tuner from walmart.com