What is the best all purpose knex assault rifle?

I know that a lot of you will suggest the storm 223, however I really dislike the instructions. Any other suggestions will be appreciated! Thank you.

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dansdoc7 years ago
definatly the one on best knex weapons 2009
Owenmon8 years ago
KILLERK's TR-18 w/ slide. It's the best rifle I've ever made.
totaly agreed!
Jesus. Owenmon8 years ago

I agree, best gun eva!

Owenmon Jesus.8 years ago
Heh. Now I like the ZKAR follow up better. I also extended the mag to hold 21 rounds.
heat-seeker8 years ago
br-18 for use
Kinetic8 years ago
I will agree with them-the Z35, but I am working on a gun that might top that one-heres a few pics so far. Also-the T.B.A.R by Killer-Safe-Cracker is also a good all-purpose gun because it can be used as sling gun for range, as well as an assault rifle.
travw (author)  Kinetic8 years ago
Here's my comparison on Z35 vs. BR18. 100 ft. range > 40 ft. range Piece efficient > Piece consuming Light > Cumbersome Oodammo > Blue rods 100% reliable > ~85% reliable BR18 > Z35 So, winners, in order: BR18 BR18 BR18 BR18 BR18 BR18 My choice: Uuuuh......... Z35. Sorry for being so rude about it, but I'm tired of people saying Z35.
Kinetic travw8 years ago
The br18 is the obvious winner if you want a gun for wars, but when you say all-purpose, people take it that you mean how many features it has. In that case, it is the z35.
travw (author)  Kinetic8 years ago
Eh, ok. Maybe that's my bad for the way I put it. But I really meant: What do you guys use as a primary, and why?
Kinetic travw8 years ago
Ya in that case it would be the br-for me anyways.
Hiyadudez8 years ago
Oblivitus' Z35
The Jamalam8 years ago
Z35 by oblivitus.
TigerNod8 years ago
Oh, the OSNJCKMA2 is very good too, even though I mentioned that before on another topic.
TigerNod8 years ago
If you don't need the semi of fully auto mechs and stuff, I would go for this one: https://www.instructables.com/id/knex-assault-rifle-the-g36c/ . Otherwise, that thing the Dunkis was talking about sounds be fine for you. There is also my SPARCCS gun which is not posted yet but looks really cool. However it uses many pieces and does not have a mag (yet). Oh, and you can mod nearly all guns with a mag to shoot yellows or blues. But anything that shoots a rod that is bigger then blue will drastically decrease the power of the gun.
travw (author)  TigerNod8 years ago
Do you know the range? Is it sturdy? The handle looks TEEEEEEEEEEEEENNNNNNNYYYY!!!!!!! Looks like it also uses a lot of pieces... If it is sturdy+has good range I'll build it.
TigerNod travw8 years ago
I am glad to know you like it. The range is 23 meters, or 75.5 feet. Not the best of all, but still quite impressive. It is very sturdy, yes, it is almost like, indestructible. I will improve the handle someday. It uses a ton of pieces, you could mod it but it won't be so sturdy anymore.
75.5 ft is a lot for a blue rod firing ramrod gun.
For a blue rod repeater: yes. For a sniper: no.
i agree.
Correction: Anything larger the white will increase the range, not decrease it.
DJ Radio8 years ago
AR-4 v3 or zakgun. Build em now.
travw (author)  DJ Radio8 years ago
I have built the AR-4v3, and was bitterly disappointed. It jammed quite a bit due to the tan clip connectors, and the power was horrible. I got about 12 feet for range. It was good as a concept idea, but I would never use it in a war.

I didn't mean to hurt your feelings, just my observations. And yes, I did build it correctly.
just wait til you see my bolt action rifle it makes the ar-4v3 green with envy, it looks awsome has wicked power (i was shooting it though this plastic storage case i have with its standard ammo today) and hardly ever jams
travw (author)  Fred the Penguin8 years ago
What does it fire? Is it TRUE-bolt-action?
yellow rods. and it is a true bolt action, you pull back the bolt then push it foward then you fire
travw (author)  Fred the Penguin8 years ago
Cool. Is the bolt realistic? Or is it more like the one on the AR by djradio?
it doesnt swivel but it isnt slide
HA! I win.
how yours is slide and i have a swivle mod on it now but its really only for looks and realism
What exactly do you mean by swivel? Also, slide is easier to pull back.
It hooks onto the bolt and you have to lift it up to pull the bolt back I dont really like it because it can just get in the way
that just seems like a hindrance when you operate the gun.
exactly thats what I said. Its only real purpose is to shut up the people who say "its not true bolt action because it doesnt twist". I really dont like it it gets in the way and I will be posting the gun without it
Good. Personally, I think it can be done, but its a reliability issue.
look at my forum topic new pics are up
not true bolt action at all.
thats the fsastr... did you even read the information?
just link me. Your descriptions are too confusing.
how? its a pin action assault rifle. in the pictures it shows the magazine, two different configurations and the "grenade" launcher
What I meant was that I thought you were not talking about yor fsatr or whatever, but a different gun. Anyways, just the fact that it lacks a bolt disproves most of your claims.
the gun shown in the pictures is part II of project firestorm I am talking about part III here the fssr
hehe, Im gonna mod my AR-4 v3, that way it can kick your rifle's butt.
my rifle is probably one of the most powerful firing pin guns ever made, when tested against a killerk pistol with the same number of number 64's and using yellow rods I got more power, range and accuracy from my gun
Video please.
on the video I have made I show some of the damage I have done to various things in my bedroom
DJ Radio travw8 years ago
I dunno, Use decapitated connectors instead of tan clips. I got around 35 feet with one band. Also, Im gonna rebuild and make a modded version.
Der Bradly8 years ago
Knexsayer. Zak gun.
travw (author)  Der Bradly8 years ago
Well, I actually decided on my BRv1 that I just built... I wouldn't build the 'sayer because it is a little too complex to be used in a knex war, (in my opinion.) and the same goes for Zak's assault rifle.
DJ Radio travw8 years ago
I would prefer the knexsayer, it is stronger and sturdier. I would also use zakgun, or AR-4 v3. BTW, sorry it didnt work, but it all falls squarely on the builder not building it right.
travw (author)  DJ Radio8 years ago
How would you know the Knexsayer is sturdier? There's no way you could build it! It is stronger in some places, but it is much heavier, therefore more stress is put on more places...
Also, I actually use my BR18, not BRv1.
DJ Radio travw8 years ago
I think its sturdier because some parts are 1 yellow rod thick. The handle seems to be the weakest part, and its pretty decent.
travw (author)  DJ Radio8 years ago
Keyword: SOME parts. But that also makes it heavier, therefore putting more stress on other places. Like I just said!
DJ Radio travw8 years ago
I dont care about weight, except if it weighs more than 10 pounds. The BRv1 is a bit light and the stock is too short for it to feel comfy and natural for me. Anyways, I modded the AR-4 v3 all yesterday and today. Its better than ever.
travw (author)  DJ Radio8 years ago
Ok, don't wanna argue about the sturdiness (and/ or lack thereof...) of the Knexsayer. What'd you do to your AR-4 v3?
DJ Radio travw8 years ago
Fair do's. I made a stock extention, modded the area around the trigger, modded the bottom of the barrel, Made a new bipod holder, replaced mag, improved scope, and the area around the barrel is better.
travw (author)  DJ Radio8 years ago
Sounds good, post?
DJ Radio travw8 years ago
Its not enough for a separate instructable.
travw (author)  DJ Radio8 years ago
You could add on to the original instructable...
DJ Radio travw8 years ago
guess so..
dynno978 years ago
Ummmm depends, do you want a rod shooting one? Or an RBG? And do you want it to be Fully Auto? Or Semi Auto?
travw (author)  dynno978 years ago
Well this has sorta been answered. I decided on one of the following (depending on situation.) : Rectangle, ZKAR2, BR18 (With some of my mods.)
An Villain8 years ago
br-18 or KDTG or TR-V1 or BR-36 (not reccommended) because a COMPLETELY non-jamming magazine, looks cool, shoot far, and is very strong.
The Jamalam8 years ago
What don't you like about the instructions?
travw (author)  The Jamalam8 years ago
I think that you show really big chunks and don't describe them very well... Just my opinion, and that was positive feedback so don't hate me.
chopstx travw8 years ago
i know this is late, but i agree.
The new 221
TheDunkis8 years ago
What must it have to be considered an assault rifle? While my UMP is more SMG styled it is still a good assault weapon. If you want something with a larger caliber then I would wait for Zak to post his new AR on KI. It'll repeat but have the power of a single shot.
travw (author)  TheDunkis8 years ago
Ok this is going to be long... I am looking for: Shoots blue or yellow rods (I could make exceptions), at least 50 ft. range, I don't care about how many pieces, a magazine with at least 10 rounds, and preferably good looks.
Sounds like my Kobra assault rife it uses a hopper of yellow rods bout 15 or so
TheDunkis travw8 years ago
Sounds like Zak's weapon will be perfect for you...well other than that it's rather blocky in looks. However looks are something that you could easily modify yourself.
travw (author)  TheDunkis8 years ago
Ok, as I said "PREFERABLY good looks". I really don't care that much about looks... You said that would be on Knexinnovations.net right?
TheDunkis travw8 years ago
Yup. He just posted it I believe.
Could you give us the link?
travw (author)  TheDunkis8 years ago
Oh yeah! I just saw it and I'm strongly considering it. (By the way, I thought it looked pretty cool.)