What is the best glue for attaching cardboard to metal?

I am always creating all sorts, so i ask you out there, whats the best thing you have found? If you specify a US product, a small description would be great..

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noahw8 years ago
Agreed, the aformentioned JB-Weld works well, as well as something called PL-400. It's construction adhesive that should meet your needs. If you rough up the metal surface before you apply your adhesive you'll get a much better bond as well. Many metal surfaces tend to be pretty slick and therefore don't give glues much to hold on to. When you rough it up, you give the glue multiple planes to grab, and also increase the surface area that the glue can hold on to.
Dr. Pepper6 years ago
E-6000 works awesome too!
ReCreate8 years ago
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DJ Radio8 years ago
Superglue or duct tape rule for these kinds of projects!
Aztof8 years ago
Personally, I would go with Epoxy Putty, but I use Epoxy putty for almost everything
caitlinsdad8 years ago
I use Gorilla~~zMiko~~ glue. Actually any brand of polyurethane glue. There is a white light colored version and one that is light amber or tan color. They create a bond with most anything. You moisten one side lightly with water to help activate it but it will pull moisture out of the air anyway. It does foam up a bit so you need to get the feel for how much to apply in a joint without it oozing out when it cures. The foam itself will get pretty hard and you can sand it or chip it off afterwards if you have any errant glue. What is great about this glue is that it fills in small gaps in the joint. As long as the metal is grease free, this glue will adhere, even if it is a mirror finish. Just be careful that this stuff sticks to everything and there is really no solvent, so wear gloves when working with it and lay down scrap paper. Buy in small bottles so the rest doesn't start curing when the bottle is opened. They need to package it in accordion squeeze bottles to get the air out after opening. No toxic fumes to really worry about.
lol,gorillazmiko glue
Even though this has been answered along time ago gorillla glue works very good to.
sharlston8 years ago
you could use araldite epoxy
bellsouth8 years ago
binary epoxy is lots of fun. :)
Agreed on that! I use 2 part epoxy all the time. Very sturdy stuff.
Denger8 years ago
For bonding cardboard/corrugateded/paper to metal, I believe I'd try a contact cement such as that manufactured by Liquid Nails.:


Contact cement is also available in other brands, like Elmer's. Any well-stocked hardware store or home center should have it available, it is cheaper than epoxy, and it is generally less messy to work with.

Good luck!

jeff-o8 years ago
JB-Weld generally works just fine - the cardboard will probably tear before the bond breaks! It's only good for small jobs though, since it comes in tiny tubes. For larger tasks, most epoxy products will adhere to the metal pretty well. Lepage (a manufacturer of a great many sorts of glue) has a handy chart showing the best product for a particular substrate.
Kechara8 years ago
E6000 works pretty well. It's a fairly viscous, clear industrial adhesive, gives a weak bond quickly and takes a day or two to cure completely. It is very good at attaching nearly anything to nearly anything else. Low-temp hot glue guns do not work so well.