What is the best knot to connect two ropes together at the ends?

What is the best knot to connect two separate ropes together at their ends?

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POTTS837 years ago
a bowline on each end one looped through the other. WILL NOT SLIP!
Willard2.07 years ago
I work in a climbing gym and this is what we use all the time and it works awesome.

Are you suggesting the double fishermans or the EDK? The first time I encountered the EDK (climbing with two Swedes, a German, and a Pole) it scared the sh** out of me. I've since used it a few times, but it still makes me nervous.
The most useful aspect of the EDK is the removal from the gene pool of climbers fool enough to use it.
I agree completely.

I am suggesting the double/triple fisherman's bend not the EDK.  The EDK scares me too.  I am glad that you pointed that out.
Re-design7 years ago
Square knot.
You didn't say you wanted it to stay tied for ever.   Next time give more detail on what you want and I"ll give you a better answer.
No, they come undone very easily.
Jayefuu7 years ago
It depends whether you want to untie it again.

If the ropes are the same diameter and you want to be able to untie it again, a reef knot (aka square knot) is reasonably good. It's easy to undo and really easy/quick to tie.

If you want it to be permanent, the double fisherman's know that Willard2.0 suggested is good.

If the ropes are of different diameters, a sheet bend is useful.

I use both of the first two, for climbing, depending on what I'm doing.
Jayefuu Jayefuu7 years ago
Oh and as angryredhead says, you can also use a figure of eight, and would you believe it, an overhand knot. We use just an overhand knot to join two ropes together when abseiling, it's secure enough and is unlikely to get caught on things where a bigger knot would.

What are you joining and why? That might narrow down your knot choices.
Figure 8 is just about THE strongest knot.

In the conditions where I have had a long ab on two ropes, I'd use the double fishermans though.
The lady knows her knots...


I'm just gonna say "Best Answer", and then stop typing.