What is the best nerf gun and why?

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NickBurp8 years ago
In my opinion, it would have to be a Nerf Rapid Fire AS-20. Why I say so? because before a Nerf War you just pump it on single shot and just fire, no cocking needed (Remember on SINGLE SHOT)
It is hard to chose what is the best Nerf gun for a Nerf war cause there are so many different Nerf classes like sniper or explosives person but I would pick the Nerf raider or alpha trooper for their slam firing and their drum magazines
lazyboy137 years ago
i agree with zack attack. it has one of the best ranges and has a lot of modding capabilities.
ben3607 years ago
For range: The most powerful Nerf gun you can buy stock is the Strikefire. Check out my instructable on them. I don't know why, but nobody else posts instructables on them. They are strangely powerful for stock Nerf guns.

For customization: Definitely the Maverick. You can do a lot to the Maverick to improve and specialize it.

Overall: I would have to go with the Maverick, simply because you can pop off 6 shots easily with no manual reload and you can mod it to be almost as powerful as a Strikefire.
domo07 years ago

I really think the Magstrike as-10 is the best.People say you can't shoot single fie but you can.When you shoot it,picking up darts are easy it stays in one spot.

Sir Patrick7 years ago
Although it is hard to say which Nerf gun is best, the Maverick is probably it because you don't have to reload until after six shots, it has good range, and it fires most darts. Its also quite cheap!
longshot is much better