What is the best paint to use when customizing leather shoes?

What is the best paint to use when customizing leather shoes? Where on line is the best place to buy it?

flyingpuppy6 years ago
The best stuff I've used is porcelaine paint. It does not chip off but instead creases along with the shoe. I've done several styles of painted leather shoes
Sorry to pop in so late on this one, but Meltonian makes Nu-Life spray paints specifically for leather shoes. You can get it directly from Meltonian online, or a number of other online sources, or you can frequently find it in shoe repair shops or bridal shops.
Z..8 years ago
I bought two pairs of suede loafers at a much cheaper price, because they were an unpopular colour,-lilac.

I used my Jo Sonja ( I have no connection with the company-but I have mentioned that brand name here before), craft paint, and painted one pair white, and the other tan. It flattened the nap, and I ended up with a smooth leather finish!

l polished them up, and they were/are fine!!
Burf8 years ago
Acrylic paints are your best bet. If the shoes already have a finish on them, you'll need to remove it from any areas you want to paint. To remove an old finish try either denatured alcohol or acetone, depending on the type of finish on the leather. Dampen a soft cloth with the remover and try to blot off the old finish as well as possible, it may take you several applications.
If the leather is unfinished you can use dyes, acrylic paint or even permanent markers, Sharpies, etc.
I have used Tandy Leather Factory on-line but there are probably others you can check out with a Google search.