What is the best smallish enclosure for a coffee maker type heating element?

I'm wanting to start a project involving the use of an old coffee maker heating element. I don't know what type of safe enclosure to put it in to keep it separate from the wood fixture it will be attached to. Any ideas?

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lemonie8 years ago
It this a tube-heater? How was it mounted in the machine, and what to? L
jimjobe (author)  lemonie8 years ago
The attached (I hope) picture is similar to what I'm working with. I pulled it out of an oldish Mr. Coffee brand coffee maker, but I'm not sure how hot it gets or how much space I need to leave it.
jimjobe (author)  jimjobe8 years ago
Ok, I guess the image didn't work. Basically it is a horseshoe shaped tube with the heating element along it. I'll be sending water through to heat it as it passes. I need to mount it on a wooden cabinet, but I'm not sure what the best (and safest) way to do that is. Thanks!
You'll need to guarantee that it can't get too hot for whatever you want to keep it in. Most of these warmer plate things limit their temperature with a failsafe thermostat physically screwed to the things. Has yours still got that fitted ? Given that the manifacturers stick these things in plastic boxes, assuming you have your stat working, you'll be OK in wood.
jimjobe (author)  steveastrouk8 years ago
Yes I left the thermostat on and the fuses. That is wonderful news. Thanks for your help!
Might even want to consider some fiberglass (or similar) heat-proof material as standoffs to have an extra level of separation.
lemonie jimjobe8 years ago
Yes it's a tube heater, they don't get too hot (having water in them and a thermal-switch as steveastrouk says). So I agree with steve that you're safe screwing this to wood, providing you keep the thermal-switch.