What is the best system for a knex removable magazine?

I'm currently working on a knex Cheytac M200, but i got stuck on the magazine.. Please help! (P.S) It has to look like the real thing.)

Picture of What is the best system for a knex removable magazine?
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Try my G3 mag. It uses the same ammo, and the mag release is pretty much the same as the real M200.
Masterdude7 years ago
My MAR-2 has a removable mag system which works very well for me. It should work well for rifles like yours: Link
nutty guy8 years ago
you could use a mag that is held in by friction so you can pull out with out having to pull realy hard to get out off ball joints or other things like that a good example of this is ironmans mag look at my m110 it uses it.
barrax8 years ago
ball joint socket+ connector - but above the line of fire and withe some sort of bars to steady it. it needs to have a tigh fit
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knexfreak958 years ago
that looks like the gun i just made but i would try iron mans mag
DrWeird1178 years ago
Take a look at TD's UMP-45.
agreed i just made that(and heavily modded) and the magazine is perfect if you dont mind shooting grey connectors... ps if anyone can modify his made to shoot yellow i would be interested
Stavroz (author)  iKill8 years ago
My ammunition is a orange connecter and a grey connecter.
I could probably adapt to the size and make a similar style connection. I'm going to work on a 50 cal. sniper of some sort so I'll need one too. Give me a little while though.
Yeah, but the yellows at the top break occasionally.
Stavroz (author)  DrWeird1178 years ago
You like the gun?
dsman1952768 years ago
a mag that loads connectors into the rail. look at the dunkis's ump.
cant be answered it all depends ammo,sive and up 2 the builder
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Stavroz (author)  shadowninja318 years ago
Stavroz (author)  I_am_Canadian8 years ago
Maybe i could do something with toilet rolls and the barrel...
TigerNod8 years ago
The one where you have to pull something back, to put a mag in place, then let it go. Wish I had an example...
mepain did one.......
Do you have a link? I could not find it.
somewhere on the showcase forum of ki
Owenmon8 years ago
use the_burrito_master's mag, and use "enhanced" orange connectors
Depends on what type of bullets you want. The SKP has an removable clip, altough the gun is 5 layers thick. Also s0lekill3r's psuedo semi auto has a pretty well working removable clip.
King_Banana8 years ago
ball connector +y connector
Stavroz (author)  King_Banana8 years ago
Uneasy to remove I already thried it, thnx anyway.