What is the best version of Linux?

I am going to be running a computor on a 8GB flashdrive and I was wondering which version of Linux would be the best to use. I will be using the computor for photo editing, typing documents, and surfing the web.

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There will be as many answers as Linux users I expect, and anything I suggest will be wrong in someone else's lights, but if you are running on an Atom powered processor, MOBLIN works well from my limited experience with it. What are you actually running it ON ?
DIY Dave (author)  steveastrouk8 years ago
I am running it on an old desktop computor. It was given to me with all the parts but the hard drive, so I am going to run it from a flashdrive. It has a Intel Pentlum processor.
Go with Ubuntu then. This link looks very promising
I use Xbuntu - the Debian system that has the Xfce desk top and I use Ubuntu Studio on it - with a lot of other software.

Out of ALL of the linux variants, this one is a DO THE JOB version instead of being distracted with all the bells and whistles bullshit of the silly interfaces.

orksecurity8 years ago
Whichever one has good drivers for the specific hardware you already have, and has the specific applications you most want to run already set up for easy installation on it (or shipped with it.) For what you want to do, very standard tools will suffice, so from the software point of view almost any Linux should do the job. The more challenging part may be device drivers, or at least drivers that take full advantage of your hardware's capabilities. Beyond that, it winds up being a matter of personal taste. Suggestion: Try one, and if you have specific problems with it use those to help you select another to try.
RelaxedSoup8 years ago
It a matter or personal preference, really, but some of the most popular are Ubuntu, Fedora, and openSUSE. All of those will run off of a jump drive (correct me if I'm wrong). For a smaller jump drive, you might also be interested in DSL, it's only 50 Mb. However the GUI is nothing to brag about, and it's relatively limited software-wise. Some of the sub-divisions of Ubuntu might also hold some appeal. I encourage you to look around a bit on sites like Distrowatch and see if you can find anything that really jumps out at you. My personal favorite is Ubuntu, it's the most user-friendly and sable out of any of the OS's I've used.
fwjs288 years ago
Ubuntu of some kind would be best for all around user-ability
gmxx8 years ago
i like xubuntu personally... considering what you are doing ubuntu studio would fit your workflow well.