What is the best virus protection software?

I've been using Spyware Doctor for about five years and it seems to be working for me. I turn off the Intelliguard feature because it slows down my computer a lot! I'd like to know what everyone else uses.

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ataylor26 years ago

I would go with Spyware doctor. I have been using it since a long time and been really happy and safe with it. Tried all of them but this is what i would recommend to.
erikals8 years ago
AVG Free 8.5 (good stuff)
dylwig8 years ago
You could use AVG, Avast, or Comodo(firewall with optional virus scanner) and then monthly or bi-monthly use TrendMicro's HouseCall which is an online scanner that works extremely well
cons118 years ago
why don't you try using eset nod32?it's easy to use and user-friendly...plus scans are more fast comparing to AVG and Norton.
rickharris8 years ago
Avast its free as well or AGV free
As my computer tech friend always says: You get what you pay for in antivirus software. Yes they are free. Almost all of his virus removals are on machines that have avgfree installed.
mash40778 years ago
norton hands down
norton is good but only the corporate versions are bloat-free. The consumer versions take up so many resources and graphically 'annoy' the hell out of me (and many alike)...good software though.
Z1ggy8 years ago
I use the free version of AVG on my home computer. My work computer uses symantec.
Kiteman8 years ago
AVG (paid for by my employer, as I use my PC for work-related stuff as well) works fine for me.