What is the best way of making a ninja costume that doesn't use the t-shirt method?

I would like to know where to buy the items or just what the items are for that matter :P. Thanks in advance!

bowmaster8 years ago
Black, dark blue, or grey cargo pants, a black, dark blue, or grey hoodie and a black, dark blue, or grey piece of cloth about 2 feet square. In fact when I am practicing real ninjutsu (not ainme/manga crap) around town that is what I wear. If you are really going to practice ninjutsu I would sew more pockets into the hoodie.
even better i was a ninja 4 halloween make a mask, get a sweat shirt 3x too big cut it in half  use a strip of fabric 4 a sash. get some sweat pants and 4 tabi i used some wet suit booties which werked superb. also very stealthy!
I like bowmaster's cargo pants idea but make sure that your wear something that blends in with your environment and can blend in when in a crowd. Also you want the lower legs and forearms to be form fitting(custom make your own for best results) to increase stealth and so you don't snag or drag on stuff while moving fast.
iSmack (author) 8 years ago