What is the best way to attach a magazine?

Well, sometimes I have problems with making a magazine, and I want one like ironman's with a flexi rod, but then the bullet won't come out and if I put more rubberbands on the pin sticks in the bullet itself.
So I need hyelp with making a good choice for a good magazine.

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MegaMetal87 years ago
I like the way kinectic's mag attaches
erikos kostarikos (author)  MegaMetal87 years ago
Name of the gun?=]
erikos kostarikos (author)  MegaMetal87 years ago
Thanks bro.
Can i haz best answer please :)
erikos kostarikos (author)  MegaMetal87 years ago
Yeah, you really helped me!=]
Mr. Muggle7 years ago
what gun of Ironman69 do you mean?
erikos kostarikos (author)  Mr. Muggle7 years ago
One of them is his m4 Carbine.
Maybe take a look.
I did but I'm afraid I can't help you
DJ Radio7 years ago
Try something like s0lekill3r's pseudo semi-auto.  TD has some better examples of it in use on his basic assault weapon and 2 or 3 unposted replicas.
erikos kostarikos (author)  DJ Radio7 years ago
Thank you man.
I will take a look.=]