What is the best way to attach wheels to a TV stand?

I'd like to be able to roll my TV from my living room to my kitchen and I have a small TV stand.  What is the best way to attach wheels to it?  I am a little afraid to hammer or screw anything into the underside of the thin legs.  Are there wheels attached to "cups" that I could set the legs into and secure?

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Burf7 years ago
You can get a set of wheel socket castors at cabinet and furniture makers hardware supply places. Check with some of the big box diy stores or for specialty stores on the net.


Re-design7 years ago
You could make a platform of plywood, attach wheels to that and then attach the tv stand to that.  Or buy a furnature dolly at home depot for $20.  THe kind that is made of 4 pieces of wood and 4 wheels.

Be careful of what you build since when the wheels are turned in it is going to be less stable than it is now, and when you move it go slow so you don't tip it over a have to buy a new tv.
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A concern:  Quadruple the bare minimum static load strength of the castors you choose.  To support 100 pounds of tv and stand, use 4 wheels EACH capable of supporting 100+ pounds.  This way, it won't wear out prematurely.  Yes you could get away with 4- 25 pound ones, but they will make you sad.
lemonie7 years ago
I think Re-design has your answer here, make a little trolley for the thing.