What is the best way to convert MPEG-4 video files to AVI video files?

My phone only shoots in MPEG-4, so to edit in Windows Movie Maker I need to convert the files to something different. Please only give suggestions that you know would work and are virus-free. A link to where I could download it would be nice.

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yokozuna6 years ago
The best free program for video file conversions is MPEG Streamclip. It will take your .mp4s and convert them into about anything you need except for flash or windows media files. It comes for both PC and Mac, but since you mention Movie Maker, I'm assuming you're on PC.
MegaMaker (author)  yokozuna6 years ago
I've downloaded it. What do I click once I'm at the zipped folder?
Unzip it and run the executable. When you have the program open, simply drag your video file into the program window. Then go to File --> Export to (whatever format you wish it to be).
MegaMaker (author)  yokozuna6 years ago
Ok. Thank you.
Re-design6 years ago
I've used this one "www.avs4you.com".
MegaMaker (author)  Re-design6 years ago
I have to pay $40 to make it not put words in the middle of the video. Any way around that?