What is the best way to get backstage at a concert?

I am going to a concert in about 2/3 months and me and my friend really want to get backstage but we cant think of a way to get past security.  Can anyone help???

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NachoMahma7 years ago
.  Pay for an All Access pass. May not be available and ain't gonna be cheap if it is.
GilbertM52 years ago

You can use the ULTIMATE BACKSTAGE BOOK which will get you the backstage passes. The website is http://www.igotbackstagepasses.com where you download the free e book.

Texas Tea5 years ago
Use The Ultimate Backstage Book

I took my niece to meet justin bieber backstage and got the passes for free.
Same as Carnegie hall. Practice practice & more practice.
luvit7 years ago
i am a rock star. i know the answer. blonde & curvy. lol. ..ok, just curvy.
LoneWolf7 years ago
That's a darn good question......kinda makes me wish I had an answer :)
I'll take that as a compliment, thankyou :) 
ya i wonder also... lolz
whats your favorite band
Wow, I like WAY too many bands to pick a favorite!!!!!!!!
i love the offspring.
That's cool, I recognize the band name I've probably heard their song's before. I do like Bon Jovi to name one.

my favorie albums by the offspring were "smash" (1994) "americana"(1998) and "conspericy of one." (2000) you may have heard the song "youre gonna go far kid." that was off the album "rise and fall rage and grace" (2008)

Very cool, don't recognize them though.
zascecs7 years ago
 Hop the fence. 
just don't let gravity kick in when your halfway over *shudders*
Solution: Grappling hooks.
Good plan :)   (unless it fails, of course)
 That's why we hope it doesn't.
Exactly, or it works and then we get shot by a security gaurd O.o
Kind of a serious answer for a silly comment, don't you think?
 No, because I can guarantee that we will NOT get caught.

Oh yeah, I forgot that :)

 Especially when you're with me.

muhahahahaha...........Good point :)

Not something I can freely discuss with a person under the age of majority.
Kiteman7 years ago
Go to the venue now.

Get a job there.

Make sure you're on shift when the band is there.
orksecurity7 years ago
Know someone in the band, or in the tech crew, or otherwise involved in the production.

I don't know another way.
jeff-o7 years ago
How high-profile is the band?
acidbass7 years ago
 you need to know people or beat up the security gaurd or be a roadie