What is the best way to have a clean looking flame thrower on the back of my bike?

My bike is a standard mountain bike and I wanted to give it a more custom look than my paint job. I thought the best way to do this is to add a flamethrower to match my custom paint job which will be a red pinstripe around the flame, when the flame itself is grey. The flames will have skulls airbrushed in it. The rest of the body will be black with a little red pinstriping action. Maybe even some lettering reading : "Beast". probally with the same skull and red paint scheme. I want the flamethrower to fit in with everything else well, but I don't want to change the frame much, or paint the flamethrower.

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jeff-o7 years ago
Forget a flame thrower.  What you really want is a jet turbine!
matt17fan (author)  jeff-o7 years ago
As awesome as that would be, I don't want to kill myself, only 2 degree burns.
matt17fan (author) 7 years ago
I want something that has a flame thrower that will actually shoots flame out of the back of the bike. The bike is a late 80's or an early 90's aluminum bike, with the tubing begining about 1 inch wide
lemonie7 years ago
You want to add a device that throws flam, or just a design that look like a flamethrower?
Can you add pictures of the bike as it is?

Sounds like we're talking about a "flame job" rather than a flamethrower,  but I leave it to the OP to clarify.