What is the best way to strip insulation from ribbon cable?

What is the best, quickest and easiest, way to strip the insulation from rainbow ribbon cable without damaging the wires? I want to bare the wires for connecting LCD displays to computer devices.

orksecurity6 years ago
My recommendation is to use clamp-on connectors which don't require stripping (they pierce the insulation appropriately as you attach them.) Then solder the mating connector into your device, and plug in.

Otherwise: Separate all the strands (they can be peeled apart if you're careful) and strip and solder each one individually.
caarntedd6 years ago
There is a purpose built stripper available for ribbon cable.
Either learn how to use a pair of wire cutters as strippers, or use a stripping tool. I find wire cutters gets a more even result, but it needs a lot of practice.