What is the best website to get decent knex instructions from?

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AndyGadget7 years ago
There's a site called Instructables.com with a lot of knex designs if you like knex guns or try THIS if you don't.

Where can I find instructables dot com?
Find a small yellow robot and ask him the way.
 I can't find him!  I'm lost!
I heard Instructables dot com was lame. Let's go find a cooler site.
 Yeah.  Let's head over to WikiHow.
<cancels account>

now what?
 Now we frolic in the glory of WikiHow.
<frolics joyfully and with gusto>

Mmmm.... kay.
 "It's boring here.  Let's head back to Instructables."
On the way back, can we stop at eHow and smack some people around for writing misleading or outright wrong how-to articles on topics they know nothing about?

Guess that's what happens when you start paying people for the articles, huh?
I'm already there. Jack and I get along famously.
Look in this topic under tags and click one of those nice orange "knex"  tags. It will get you right to all the instructables that involve knex. ;)

Oh and you really didn't think we were going to advice another site were you?
TheDunkis7 years ago
The majority of K'nex instructions are on Instructables (unfortunately) but you may find a lot of instructions on youtube as well. Most of them are low quality or would otherwise be posted somewhere else. There are also a lot of really good creations on www.knexinnovation.net too that you can't find anywhere else.
DJ Radio7 years ago
lemonie7 years ago

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