What is the black oval on the back of my itouch? Its supposed to be there but i havee no idea what it is!?

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Burf7 years ago
My Apple insiders tell me the WiFi antenna is just behind it. WiFi reception is better through plastic than it is through stainless steel.
vernstarr5 years ago
That's the door the gnomes use to get in and out! I thought everyone knew that! Letting the wifi signal through is purely secondary ;)
Re-design7 years ago
That's how the gov't. is tracking all ipod users.
yokozuna7 years ago
The best answer here says wifi antenna, but i've always heard that they use the same templates for both the iphone and ipod, and that's where an iphone's camera would go.
I don't think they use the same templates because the iPod touch is a bit thinner than the iPhone. But thats just me...
BjVas7 years ago
 Its the WiFi antenna