What is the current output of a capacitor?

I want to make a circuit where a light is powered by a capacitor until it is discharged, and then powered by a battery until the capacitor is full again. 

How long is it possible to power a light on a capacitor?

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kaboom! (author) 6 years ago
What about a 2200uF capacitor?
Thats the highest there is at my local electronics store.
iceng kaboom!6 years ago
Sorry that is way too small.
For a long LED light time Use something like 2.2 Farad.

Look at the energy balance

E = CV^2/2

Energy used by an LED = IVt

Where I= LED current, V = LED volts/ capacitor volts and t=time



Its not accurate, because the real answer needs calculus, but its a start
calculus my worst nightmare
Why ? I loved it when I learned it. If you're struggling, find Silvanus Thompson's book

thns. it is just that i did not have a good teacher.
iceng ARJOON6 years ago
You should to stay away from girl horses at night :-Þ

orksecurity6 years ago
Sanity check: Why not power the light directly from the battery?
Batteries do not recharge forever :(
Ultra Caps will still be recharging when our descendents
have long forgotten us :-Þ

rickharris6 years ago
A super capacitor (10 farads ) will keep an LED lighted for several hours. (at a price!)

lemonie6 years ago

What capacitor?
Short answer: not long enough for you - use a rechargeable battery instead.

iceng6 years ago
A friend I have makes a police flash light that charges an ultra capacitor
array to 63 VDC in less then 90 sec and provides full light output
for over 45 min.