What is the difference between Li-poly batteries and Li-ion batteries?

I can't figure it out.

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mweston8 years ago
This is just a simple explanation, but Lithium-ion is the category (or commonly mistaken as the actual battery) of batteries that involve Lithium, usually with other elements - or a compound - as the cathode.

The -poly or -ion ending refers to the cathode; it is usually a couple elements like Li-FeS2 which would be Lithium-iron. A Li-Po battery has a polymer cathode and a solid electrolyte, while Li-ion has a carbon cathode and a liquid electrolyte. Both are rechargable, and in a sense the accomplish the same thing.

If you look at all the information more closely it starts to make sense, but another question is what is this for, just the knowledge or for a project? This might help answer it more thoroughly.

Wikipedia is always good:
bowmaster (author)  mweston8 years ago
Project. Electric mountain board. I found a site that lets you design your own Li-ion packs and I was wondering if I should make a Li-ion custom pack or just keep looking for a Li-poly pack that would work.
ANDY! bowmaster8 years ago
you might also want to try nickle hydrade or someting like that cuz it is more durable. weight to energy ratio is not as good
for your situation it really wouldn't matter that much, just make sure you get a battery that has enough power and you have a safe way to charge it.
mweston mweston8 years ago
Before I forget to mention this, Li-poly batteries have a higher discharge rate, so if you have a large motor, you might get more power from the battery, but check the input (in amps) that the motor uses and check the specs on the Li-ion battery you want to make, if it is equal or higher your ok (if its higher your battery will last longer, so this is good), but if its lower then you might need to use Li-Poly instead of Li-ion to get the discharge rate you need

Li-poly battery is a upgrade of li-ion battery,safer and stable.

ANDY!8 years ago
li-poly batteries last longer and cost more. look it up on gooogle!
Yeah, but if if you over charge them you're toast, and also if you discharge them too much.