What is the difference between a 6v 80mA solar cell and a 6v 830mA solar cell?

What is the difference between a 6v 80mA solar cell and a 6v 830mA solar cell?I am trying to make a solar phone charger and need to know. Thanks!

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seandogue2 years ago

0.75 Coulombs per second if my conversion was correct. Or 750 mCoulombs/sec if you prefer.

Presuming full sunlight (panel operating at full efficiency), the 80mA panel outputs 80mA , or less than a tenth of an amp (continuously, not every hour), whereas the 830mA panel outputs nearly an amp.

Due to the vast difference in current output at optimal conditions, the 830mA panel is probably much larger dimensionally as well.

For reference, I have an old (circa 90s) panel that came with an emergency all band radio (meant to charge a quad of NiMH batteries) that outputs ~350mA and is ~8"x10"

LiveSparks2 years ago

Here's the simplest answer. Both of these solar cells provide 6V but the 80mA one gives 80 milli Amperes in one hour whereas the 830mA one gives out 830 milli Amperes in one hour. Milli Ampere is the meature of current the solar cell provides. If you wish to charge a mobile phone using a car socket charger then you should connect two 830mA solar cells in series (negative of one to the positive of other) and the adapter will automatically bring down the voltage the amount required. But a simpler and cheaper way would be to use only one 6V 830mA solar cell connected directly to your phone via a small value resistor.

iceng2 years ago

Why did you best answer me and take it back ?

iceng2 years ago

Wire them together is a nebulous term..

Be specific, wire series or parallel ??

Now, you want to charge a car !?!??

iceng iceng2 years ago

What is your electronic skill set ?

Do you know Ohms Law ( V = I x R ) ( I = V / R ) ( R = V / I )

and power ( P = V x I ) ( P = V^2 / R ) ( P = I^2 x R ) ??

iceng2 years ago

It is best to get the most watts you can, in the size you are willing to mount.

That means 6Vxo.83A=>4.98 watts peak power is better then 6Vxo.08A=>o.48 watt.. 5Watts is more then 1/2Watt.

A Schottky diode has a forward voltage drop as the price you pay for preventing the battery reverse discharge current.

You will have to subtract about o.4V from the six to deliver a peak 5.6 VDC.

Remember your average voltage will be less then 51/2 volts.

And like Steve explained the battery will decide how much of the available current to draw.

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kmossman2 years ago

well, it has to supply enough current. Usually too much is better than too little. Cost usually goes up, the more the current

iceng2 years ago

Like Steve says.

But, remember 6 Volts DC @ 830 mA, ma, milliamps DC is only available at full noonday direct sunlight.. And you need to put a schottky diode in series with your battery or when a cloud blocks the sun a solar cell becomes a resistor and starts to discharge the battery.

No, your phone should draw what it needs. What it MAY not like is 6V.

mA is milliamps.

iceng2 years ago

The obvious difference is most probably the light capturing silicone area is larger. It could also include reflectors to direct more light to the solar array then direct sun light could provide..

There are super tech arrays that are two cells in the same space one is a visible cell and the other is an IR ( InfraRed ) cell which together are wired to double the current and probably triple the price.

The 830ma solar array can deliver more current to charge a battery faster or run an electronic device that could not successfully function on only 80ma..

So, if you can handle the larger cell size the 830ma is a better power deeal for your charger.

One delivers 10X more power than the other.