What is the difference between a relay and opto-isolator?

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I've looked around a bit and I don't really understand how opto-isolators and relays differ in terms of application (I understand that one uses magnets and one uses light). Can somebody shed some light on the differences, if any?

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Optos are vastly faster and use lower currents to work, at the expense of not switching much current directly. Relays are slower (<<20Hz), but can switch very high currents, and can carry extra contacts to tell you what is happening somewhere else.

rickharris3 years ago

A relay is a mechanical switch operated by a solenoid.

An opto Isolator is an electronic device consisting of an LED and a photo transistor to seperate 2 different parts of a circuit - usually for voltage protection.

jonrb (author)  rickharris3 years ago

But in terms of how they're used, are they interchangeable in a circuit (Here I'm assuming the circuit doesn't contain anything that is sensitive to EMF)?