What is the difference between the TR series and the BR series?

Yes, I know that the TR is the turret rifle and the BR is the battle rifle, but is there a fundamental difference between the 2, or is it all just preference as to the name?

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slimshaddy6 years ago
The difference is TR means Turret rifle and BR means Battle rifle
The Jamalam (author)  slimshaddy6 years ago
we established this 9 months ago, but thanks anyway :)
Torpe7 years ago
I'm pretty sure that the tr is just an updated version of the br series
TigerNod7 years ago
Same thing Knex lover said. KillerK first used the name BR but later changed it.
chopstx7 years ago
Lol, i should be GR8 instead of BR8. So that it can be great.
travw7 years ago
BR= Battle Rifle
TR= Turret Rifle

Same difference. Just the name. (There are very minor differences that minimally affect performance, but that's not enough for me.)
TheDunkis7 years ago
Essentially they're the same thing. It was meant to be a war weapon so it was called a battle rifle at first. Then he decided to emphasize the use of the turret. I like to think of the BR series as Killerk's weapons specifically and TRs as the broad range of custom BRs made by others. In other words TRs are a category of weapons and BR is the name of killerk's TRs. That's just my thinking though. 
DJ Radio7 years ago
The 8 shot version of the gun is referred to as the "BR" more often, and the 18 shot is almost always called the "TR". 
ninjusk7 years ago
BR was killerk's first name for the series but was changed to TR at some point in time. they can be called both but TR is more used ( besides the 8 shot because that is still called the BR-8)
~KGB~7 years ago
id say theres none at all, they both really do the same job...