What is the funniest yo mama joke you ever heard?

I need some serious burns. Please help

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Alright man, but you asked for it.
Your mama's so fat, her baby pictures were taken via satellite!
Your mama's so stupid, she tried to alphabetize a bag of M&Ms!
Your mama's so ugly, the only thing attracted to her is gravity!
What? Not impressed? Eh... tough crowd.  If you want more, why not use Google, the way Satan intended, like so:

Yo mamas so poor she bounces food stamps.
Tunesrlife7 years ago
The only one that made me chuckle...
"Yo mama's so stupid, she put a quarter in a parking meeter and waited for the gumball to come out."
i laughed out loud at that one! lol
Bert99 (author)  Tunesrlife7 years ago
Haha im still a kid. i love yo mamas. i got a million of them
hishealer7 years ago
Hey, thanks for these.  I think I'll use a couple for my provoke macro in FFXI.  Even the tired ones I was using got a few lolz, but it's time to upgrade.  I figure what better way to enrage a monster than Yo Mama jokes?
Johenix7 years ago
Boy 1: "Yo Mama wears combat boots!"
Boy 2: "Yah, And every body calls her Cornel!" 
mweston7 years ago
 How about this, if your still telling yo mamma jokes, then you need to move on. There are better things in life. Laugh at those you are trying to burn and walk away.
yeah, there are better things in life... like saying "that's what she said"!!
 haha... we've all got to let loose some time
 and of course, yo mamma jokes are not always for insulting people. for example, my friends and i exchange them just for a good laugh whenever we get bored.
orksecurity7 years ago
Haven't heard one I considered funny yet.