What is the highest range knex gun on this site?

I am not worried about the amount of pieces, however I would prefer a good instructable. (Clear pictures/instructions.)

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Lowney8 years ago
All slingshot guns have a high range due to zero friction barrels and no energy is wasted in using a ram. There is a group (link below) just for slingshot guns. Personally, having built several of them, my favourites are the SR-V2 and the T36, although I haven't built some of the others like the A.D.U bazooka 1040.
Hope this helped!
Like Lowney said the slingshot guns are the most powerfull, but I think that KILLERK's SR-v2 is the most powerful, he said he got it to shoot OVER 400 FEET!!!
 you said 522 feet before
pfft it's just rounded
Yeah right
No really, I posted the SR-V2 instructions and I could get it to about 500ft (probable about 450ftish though) and when I am done filming the range I will add it to the video currently on the page.
Are you going to measure the distance?
Well my I know how long my gran's road is (about 700ft) so I can film me shooting down it. It should be fairly easy to see if it has reached 500ft or not.
You're going to have to get video proof, then I'll believe you
HE HAS A VIDEO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Why don't you stop being a little freak and check the date that comment was posted, no wonder people on KI hate it here.
meh meh meh meh shut up the srv2 is a work of art and you are a work of fart
wow thanks..
I know it's a little late and you may already know, but I have proof on the instructable "SRv2"
Mission accepted :D
barrax Lowney8 years ago
imagine making a turrest SR V3 - like the normal sniper but twice as long, and mounter on a stuck down quad-pod! a quad-pod is a tripod, or a bipod with 4 legs.
Lowney barrax8 years ago
My SR-V2 is longer than KillerK's in case you want to know! I know what a quad pod is by the way, but what I don't know is THIS:

u dont believe LOWNEY CHECK OUT THE VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
actually lowney posted the srv2 and it got over 500 ft
No even possible. Nope.
Yeah it is, click my icon then go to my SRv2 Instructable and there is video evidence
Skreetsha8 years ago
Well, they are very rare, and most of them use a lot of pieces because they depend on a long stretch of rubberband, but i think slingshot is the correct answer to this one. I counted it and there are only 17 slingshots on Ibles. Have fun though, they are crazy when it comes to range!
WHAT?????? really?????? theres got to be 50 at the least!!!!! do u mean rifles or anything slingshot????
Well this comment is pretty old so there are now more slingshots then pump action shotguns ;P
lol but most of those comments are posted this year not too long ago
Yeah, but lot can happen in.. uhm.. 4 months right? i never can remember the months in which order, so frikkin' annoying! :P
lol now theres like 200!!!
20 I think (based on the number of entries in the group + the ORIGINAL slingshot pistol)
Sandy444448 years ago
well make a sniper and load it with rubber bands
The B. S. R. Raptor - Even the infamous KillerK envied it.
yerjoking8 years ago
mah 2 piece ultiamte pistole of d00m n d34th m8
TigerNod8 years ago
I heard Benfoxg's sniper can reach ranges of 450 feet. But if you can make it longer or use better bands it can fire even farther.