What is the item in this picture? Mahogany.

Found in aunt's estate.  She was a seamstress.  Marked as mahogany with holes on the top.  

rickharris2 months ago

If it looks like this then probably mahogany.

Similiar and related woods are Sapele, Khaya, Lauan,

There is such a thing as American mahogany but true Mahogany is a tropical wood that only grows wild in tropical forest. It takes 100's of years to grow to a useable size.

Once so common the Victorians used it for everything it is now rare and expensive, mostly because of deforestation by burning for farming land.

Vyger2 months ago

clear plexiglass against a white background perhaps?

iceng2 months ago

Sorry my glass ball is in a polish shop this week...

I get no image (picture) to examine..

There is no picture.