What is the meaning of DIY?

I am not an English native speaker and do not understand the meaning of DIY. What does it stand for? I tried to find on the site without success. Tks.

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eulaliaaaa!8 years ago
The acronym means Do-it-yourself.
Koosie8 years ago
While DIY means Do It Yourself, it usually results in Destroy It Yourself ;->
NicholasL8 years ago
Do it yourself (or DIY) is a term used to describe the creation, alteration or reparation of something without the aid of experts or professionals. The phrase "do it yourself" came into common usage in the 1950s in reference to home improvement challenges that people might choose to complete independently. ~ Yay wikipedia :P
anna rox8 years ago
ya.  do it urself
 DIY = "Do It Yourself" Maybe it has other meanings too.