What is the meaning of SuperCaliFragilistic Expicalidotious?

I know that there is many instructabler here in instructables are Intelligent!
So can you explain and find the meaning of that Term!
No clues! I don't think that term is on google? but the important give the
Definition of a given term!

I need actually a complete details and explaination!

Asker: Wareneutron(WN)

Picture of What is the meaning of SuperCaliFragilistic Expicalidotious?
I think the song says it all!

Wareneutron (author)  mpilchfamily1 year ago
nice but the full definition i need!
but nice video it is so funny!
and educational! actually i don't need
that video i need own opinion an explanation about that!

I want to know more!
The wiki article Jay posted covers it for you. Its a made up word used in the above move in 1964. It has no real meaning.
um dilly umm de li
chitty chitty bang bang
Jayefuu1 year ago

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