What is the middle coil of a microwave transformer for?

I need to know what the middle (approx 5 turn) coil of a microwave transformer is for, does it need to be there for the transformer to work properly and what difference will there be without it?
I am not going to reinstall this transformer in a microwave it has been modified to output 10KV to power a Tesla coil.

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Its the heater supply for the Magnetron. Just leave it, it won't affect anything.

The MadScientist (author)  steveastrouk6 years ago
Does it matter if I remove it?
There was a massive performance improvement when I pulled out the shunts between the primary and secondary, 5KV improvement.
No, but you could use it to derive a nice 5 V supply for other stuff in there.

walshy1556 years ago
You really really shouldnt be messing around with these type of tranformers, they output close to 1KW of power, and if you dont know what the middle coil is (it's the heater coil) you really need to use a another safer psu for a TC.