What is the most effect way of removing hardened duct tape adhesive from car paint and glass without causing damage?

My car window regulator broke so I had to hold up my window with thick black duct tape. It baked in the sun and the adhesive hardened on the car paint and glass. What is the most effective and safe manner in which to remove this hardened duct tape adhesive without damaging the car paint or window?

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namrok1 year ago

Just tried WD 40 on dried up sun baked masking tape. Spray, wait ,wipe, scrape a bit, wipe again and THAT'S IT!

Thanks mate soled a problem

بشرير2 years ago

Mix lemon juice+ baking powder apply on the hardened surface

Take a stainless steel scrub or a tooth brush and brush it off...

HerbS22 years ago

WD-40 and goo gone can remove tape residue and your paint's overcoat/finish. Keep researching to do it unhillbilly like.

muzammalh2 years ago

I tried my partner's suggestion: Bicarbonate of soda + citic acid. Ratio of 1:1 of each powder mixed in a little water, soaked into a cloth. It took around 15 minutes from 8 places, requiring firm, focussed scrubbing. It felt great seeing the marks finally come off! The residues had been left mostly for about 2 years facing midday sun (UK - so not as hot as many places!).

Default1178 years ago
You can use a regular razor blade for the window. Not sure about the body.

this morning I was trying to clean off baked on masking tape that was on our trailer, and I read Kitskid's suggestion. I remembered that WD 40 has 101 uses so I gave it a try, letting sit on the tape for a few minutes... It Works, it really works with so little effort...thanks Kitskid

Goo Gone! from Home Depot! peal the tape off, spray the solution and wipe away, you may need to do it a few times to get all the glue off!

Hope this helps!
zardac8 years ago
I've used a hair dryer to soften the tape and adhesive.
jtp1398 years ago
I letter vehicles for a living...we use an "industrial" strength version of Goo Gone which you can get pretty much anywhere. Just squirt some on and let it sit for 5-10 minutes and wipe in a small circular motion. Repeat if necessary then clean with windex. It won't damage the paint. Application would be a lot easier if it were in a spray bottle so it doesn't just drip off the car.
nisvara (author) 8 years ago
Thank you for your replies. I will look into the WD40. My biggest concern is avoiding any kind of damage. Especially avoiding paint damage. I know that the solvents used to remove such residues can be rather harsh. I am looking for the safest solution. Hopefully someone on here has had to perform this same task and has a tried and tested solution. Thank you all nonetheless.
paganwonder8 years ago
Goof off or some such from the cleaning aisle- test on very small patch of paint before going crazy with it. WD-40 will probably work also
KitsKid8 years ago
Try spraying a little WD40 on it and let it sit for about 5 minutes. Wipe with a cloth and see what happens. I think the WD40 will hekp.